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As a Consultants and Executives search firm, Kensyle Recruitment assists a wide range of companies, ranging from multinational corporations to small companies, to find ''ONE/THE RIGHT PROFESSIONAL'' who embodies the qualities that are a perfect match for the institution’s corporate culture, organizational structure, company ambition and values.


Our main reason for working is to satisfy our clients, so we always aim at starting our search with the full comprehension of their needs.

Likewise, we invest a high amount of time and resources managing our candidate’s career. Possessing a comprehensive knowledge of our candidate’s career ambitions, values and culture is especially important to us, so the marriage with our clients’ needs can be perfect.


We provide an individual service with high quality solutions.

What drives us

Our Goals

Provide a perfect marriage between our clients

and candidates.

Ensure everything  is in cohesion, in terms of culture, value, ambitions and with

the company’s body.

Our Vision

To be a leading recruitment firm that provides the best Consultants and